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Rayco Teeth

Rayco range of teetch

This is a selection of our most popular Rayco teeth. Please contact us on 01483 235111 for more information.if you have any queries.

T he Rayco Super Tooth can maximise the cutting performance of almost any stump cutter, including competitive brands. This time-tested design incorporates the mounting block, neck, and strike point into one massive cutting tool. Unlike other tooth designs, the Super Tooth has extra mass in the neck to eliminate bending, twisting, and breaking that can cause machine shut down and high maintenance costs. It also increases cutter wheel thrust, balance, and inertia for improved performance. The Super Tooth’s low-profile design provides extra clearance for the mounting block to pass by the stump without obstructing the strike point or dragging against the stump. Because the strike point is unobstructed, the carbide tip is in full contact with the material to be removed. It cuts cleanly through the wood, providing full utilisation of the machine’s horsepower for cutting and discharging chips. The Super Tooth’s mounting block has more surface area in contact with the cutter wheel. This eliminates gouged cutter wheels, a common problem with tooth/pocket designs that clamp teeth between the cutter wheel and mounting block.

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